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About Us

HillSide Saint Bernards

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We are a small show/breeding kennel located in the beautiful hills of Eastern Tennessee.
HillSide Saints is dedicated to preserving, maintaining and improving this magnificent breed through selective breeding.  We DO NOT breed our dogs to make money or to experience "the miracle of birth".  When we breed, it is with much planning and forethought (sometimes as much as a year or two in advance!) so as to produce the next generation of show dogs for our kennel.  Not every puppy that we produce will turn out to be a show ring contender, but the difference may be something as simple as a marking out of place, or just not the "right" attitude. This does NOT mean that a pet or companion puppy is any less a quality, well bred Saint.  They may simply be Champions of your home instead of in the show ring!
That being said, please take the time to look around our site and enjoy the many pictures and helpful links.  Feel free to call or send us an email if you have any questions or concerns.  If we don't know the answers, then we will do our very best to try and find them for you.
We thank you for visiting with us and hope that you you will return often as we will be updating pictures and show results regularly.
Yours In Saints!
David & Tricia White